Slots and Gambling Regulations in the UK

Gambling is something people have been doing for ages and is not novel by any means. The UK is also not a novel country and when you combine the two you get tradition which was updated to match the current gambling laws and regulations.

What does this mean for the gambler? Well, that you can gamble without many prohibitions, most notably a minimum age requirement, though that applies to any country where gambling is legal. Slot machines are also legal as well as online gambling. Before moving on to the details regarding the UK’s regulations, here is a Cozino coupon code where you get 50 pounds worth of online gambling funds.

Here is what you need to know before you gamble or open a business in the UK.

Gambling Regulations in the UK

First and foremost, any gambling in the UK must be regulated by its license. There are many licenses available and all are obtainable through the Gambling Commission. Take note that bingo, betting, lotteries, casino games, gaming machines (such as slot machines and the like), as well as gambling software all have their own separate license. Failing to obtain one and running a business is considered illegal, as well as any forms of advertising within the UK. Online sites need a license as well. That license, however, depends on the territory where they are based and is not tied to the UK Gambling Commission licenses.

All businesses related to gambling are taxed at 15% of their gross profit, if they are licensed by the UK. Online sites are taxed according to their own territory’s license and government.

Who can Gamble and When?

In the UK, sports betting has been a tradition and has continued to be one. For example, betting on football is allowed since age 16. lotteries are also allowed to people age 16 and up, the same goes for scratchcards.

When it comes to casinos and gaming machines of any type, the minimal age is 18. It is forbidden for any person under the age of 18 to enter any gambling licensed place with a notable exception of licensed family entertainment centers.

Bookmakers are very popular in the UK and are far more numerous than in the US, for example. Horse racing, football and greyhound races are very notable in the UK when it comes to betting. You can bet on any other sport, whether at a local bookmaker or online, depends solely on your preference. Gambling in the UK is allowed and regulated as it is considered part of a tradition as well as a very profitable source of income.

Following the rules should be your first priority. Making sure that you are of a required legal gambling age to participate in the various gambling activities is the first thing on the list. The next ones are responsible gambling, no matter which type you choose as your favorite activity.

Whether you go for slot machines or online blackjack, know that you can gamble in the UK legally, if you’re over 18, for football, lotteries and scratchcards.