Are These Games Slot Machines – Florida Court Takes a New Case

In Florida, slot machines are forbidden due to a regulation. This, however does not include the reservations on the territory of Florida. That means that you can have casinos in Florida, namely on the reservation territories, such as that of the Seminole tribe, notably the largest territory. While gambling and sports betting is not allowed in most of the cities in Florida, those on reservation territories do have casinos and offer a variety of gambling opportunities.

That, however does not mean that all games are considered legal. Not long ago, tabletop games have been considered to be slot machine games due to a randomness factor that they incorporate. These games are produced by Blue Sky Games and are considered by various critics including the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to be slot machines as they are based on random number generators.

The defending attorney claims otherwise. Here are more details on the case.

Slots or Tabletop Games?

A slot machine game is considered any device, electronic or otherwise which takes forms of payments and is then able to operate. It does not matter whether it is based on chance or the player’s skill. The tabletop games in question are considered slots because the outcome of the game is unpredictable to the player and falls under the definition of random. This, however is not completely true as the defense argues.

The games in question show the player the outcome of the game, thus removing any random factor. This, however, is only present in the first game, leading to the main issue of this three-year long court case.

Whether it is a single game or a series of games will ultimately determine the court’s view of these tabletop games.

The state argues that the entire series of games in unpredictable to the player, even though one game is. That, in turn should classify it as slot machine game, the results of which are always unpredictable to the player.

The defense argues that whether it should be viewed as a single game or a multitude of games is really nitpicking. The defense attorney Bryan DeMaggio noticed that the game’s randomness is removed due to the player knowing the outcome of the game. “He can walk away at any time. He doesn’t have to play,” the attorney added.

Judge James Wolf pitched in by saying that “It comes down to whether we can consider the entire course of the play or one particular game.”

In the end, whether the game is considered a slot machine game or a tabletop game rests on the decision whether the tabletop game is a single game or a series of games.