Five Most Successful Games of 2019

When they started out, video games were not considered to be anything more than entertainment for children. Moreover, they were very efficient in getting young kids to spend hours on end sitting in front of the TV screen, playing their video games of choice until their backs, eyes, and thumbs became sore. However, once the children started to grow up, the games themselves started becoming more and more complex and refined with each iteration, which has brought upon some true pieces of art in the gaming world, which we can appreciate just like we would a good book, or a movie. If we return to the present day, we can safely say that each game that is published nowadays brings about something new in terms of the content it offers or the technique and effort behind it. Without further ado, here are the five most successful games of 2019:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

This new version of the well-known video game franchise might be the prettiest one yet that has hit the computer screens. Provided that your computer is fit to handle the graphics of this game, you will be faced with a darker, but much smoother and polished gameplay, including some added options like multiplayer for up to one hundred people at a time.

The Division 2

This one is a shooter, set in Washington D.C. in the future after an epidemic of smallpox. You are a government agent tasked with preserving the world as we know it. It features a wonderful depiction of Washington D.C. that you can explore and lots of chests and other things you can collect in this dynamic game.

Metro Exodus

The setting of this game is not very dissimilar to the previous one, as this one is also set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, with the difference being that it takes place in Russia. The goal is to navigate the surroundings and deal with any potential problems that may come up along the way, which may include things like mutated monsters, or other survivors that are not at all friendly. Obviously, weapons are scarce, but you are equipped with several homemade ones, which you can customize and upgrade by searching for collectible items. This shooter game also features a very detailed and precise environment, with a night and day change, as well as seasonal changes, as the events of the game take place in an entire year.

Team Sonic Racing

The first game featured on this list that is not a shooter, Team Sonic Racing offers something different to the classic Sonic the Hedgehog series. This kart racing game features competition in three different modes: speed, power, and technique. Each character is better at one of them, so the player needs to choose wisely. You can also collect various power-ups, which can help you increase your speed on the track.

Trover Saves the Universe

We are ending this series on a slightly different note, with a VR game. If you are a fan of dark and witty humor, we strongly recommend this game, made by the co-author of Rick and Morty. This platform game offers intense gameplay and some really enjoyable animations. If you are older than seventeen, you should give this one a try.